Which organic toner fits your skin best?

Once you enjoy the benefits of a toner on your skin, you can never go back!
But, have you found yet the perfect match for your skin? Although toners have a lot of benefits on your skin (extra cleansing, pH balancing, sebum control, help the absorption of other products), still it all depends and the toner you use based on your skin type.

We suggest using them morning and night, after you cleanse your skin and before putting the serum.

Which one fits your skin type best?

Oily skin and acne prone skin : The best for sebum control for very oily skin is Organic Witch Hazel Tonic. It also has astringent properties, which helps with blackheads and pores.

Combination skin and acne prone skin : The best for sebum control and also protecting your skin from dryness is our Organic Lavender Tonic. It also has very strong antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which helps calm your acne.

Normal, dry and sensitive skin : Our Organic Chamomile Tonic is very calming for sensitive skin. If your skin tends to go dry or is very sensitive, this tonic is the best suit to calm down the redness and itching from dryness.