What’s Your Skin pH & Why Is It Important?

We have often heard about the importance of the skin’s pH and how much attention should be paid about the products we use in different areas of the body and their pH. Because, of course, we can not use the same product as a hair shampoo, face cleanser or intimate wash. But, do we know what is the pH value in different areas of the body and what happens if we don’t use products with the right pH value? Skin pH is always acidic (it differs in different areas of the body, but always acidic), and if the products we use don’t have the correct pH value, this affects the imbalance of our skin pH and it creates a perfect environment for bacteria to develop (skin cannot protect itself). For example, we can have acne in our face or very easily develop any infection on the intimate area. In order to have an idea for the products to be used according to the pH value in different parts, these are the pH of the skin in our body:

– Vaginal mucus: 4.5-5.5
– Head scalp: 4.5-5.0
– Face, legs, back, hands: 5.0-6.0
– Inguinal triangle: 6.0-6.5
– Armpits: 6.5

The perfect product that helps balance our skin pH is the toner – always choose the right one for your skin type!

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